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There is research being done into Nystagmus in other countries, but very little in Australia due to lack of funding. The benefits of research done in other countries takes years/decades to get here. We have people who are qualified to do research in Australia and our main aim is to raise money to fund this, we have now registered as a charity,but we need YOUR help. Nystagmus has been around for a long, long time. Nystagmus sufferers have been talking about it for a long time and parents of children are now talking about it.  Isn’t it time for the talking to stop and action to start happening. Action can only happen with a strong voice and united members, so join us in our fight today. Remember every journey starts with one step so take that first step NOW.

Remember that a child with Nystagmus will one day be an adult and will have to try and find employment. They will be unable to obtain a driver’s license which rules out a lot of the job market. so will need public transport. This is not very good in regional areas so we believe that any person unable to obtain a driver’s license, because of poor vision, should receive a bus pass and a taxi subsidy. This is one of our important aims.

Benefits of Membership

  • The knowledge that you are not alone and are part  of a community with the common link of Nystagmus.
  • We will endeavour to keep members informed of the latest research by sharing links to publicised reports.
  • A forum where you can ask questions or answer the questions of others to promote the understanding and awareness of various forms of Nystagmus.
  • Access to informative documents and videos.
  • A wealth of knowledge and experience within the group.
  • Links to other Nystagmus sites.

Membership is AUD $25.00 for an Individual membership and AUD $40.00 for a Family (2 people maximum).

Registration is limited to residents of Australia and New Zealand. Please do not apply from other countries as your application will be rejected.

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